About Centropa

Centropa is a non-profit historical institute that uses new technologies and digital story telling to connect 21st century students to 20th century Jewish history – and with each other. Since 2000, Centropa has interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews in 15 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, and collected and scanned their family photos. Centropa then turned some of the most compelling biographies into short multi-media films that are being used in 600 schools in 20 countries. Centropa offers 35 short, biographical films about European-Jewish family stories, as well as 10 brief documentary films. All films are between 3 and 30 minutes long and can easily be used in various educational settings. Every year Centropa conducts local workshops, national, and international seminars in the US, Europe and Israel. The highlight of our education program is the annual Summer Academy, which brings together up to 90 educators from 18 countries for a 9-day travelling workshop through Central Europe . During this time, teachers can network, develop lesson plans and materials based on Centropa resources – while they meet with historians, journalists and politicians, and turn the city into their classroom.

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