Visegrad Activities

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe. 

Learn more on the website of the Visegrad Fund.

Activities supported by the Visegrad Fund

The Visegrad Fund supported the following activities within in the scope of the Trans.History project:



Centropa organized the 5th International Trans.History Youth Competition with students from Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the project cycle 2019/2020.


Centropa has created multi-lingual AudioWalks through the Chernivtsi and Chișinău. Learn more on the project website.

Project coordinators

Borbala Pal:

Fabian Rühle: