Multimedia remembrance of Jewish history in Belarus

Centropas project for the networking of Belarusian teachers. In partnership with IBB Minsk/ History Workshop “Leonid Levin”.

On April 27, 2022 Centropa hosted the online final event of the Pamjat project “Digital Bridges to our Jewish History” and welcomed 40 participants from Belarus, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The event was held in cooperation with IBB Minsk, the Leonid Levin History Workshop and IBB Dortmund and was specifically aimed at teachers from the various partner countries. It was made possible through the support of the Federal Foreign Office and the Visegrad fund

The program of the evening started at 6:00 p.m. with a technical introduction and various welcomes and introductions of the guests, followed by the official speeches of Astrid Sahm (IBB Dortmund) and Siarhei Andrushkevich (IBB Minsk). Afterwards, the participants were introduced to the new exhibition of Centropa and IBB “Jewish Life in Belarus”, designed by the Office of Remembrance Culture. (

Participants then discussed in groups how this exhibition could be used in their classes and presented their findings to the larger group. Afterwards, Iryna Kasthalian (formerly of the Leonid Levin History Workshop, now in Germany) and Ninja Stehr (Centropa) presented the newly developed AudioWalk of the Minsk Ghetto ( . 

Siarhei Tukala, director of the Leonid Levin History Workshop discussed the usefulness of the AudioWalk for educational work. Again, participants were invited to share their thoughts on the AudioWalk with the group.

The evening concluded with the much anticipated award ceremony for the Pamjat Student Competition. This year Pamjat received more entries from Belarus and Poland than before and, as always, the high standard of images and text submitted was impressive. The winners of the 2022 student competition can be found here