From Galut to home – Georgian-Jewish History and Culture (Myth, Legends, Archeology)

Galut in the Jewish history refers to a period of deprivation of statehood and of life under foreign rule. The podcast will dive into how the Georgian Jews lived in Galut in Georgia and how the latter became a home for them.  The podcast will offer a unique prism of understanding how the Georgian Jews … Read more

Devotion to Jerusalem and love to Georgia – Jewish political and social contribution to the foundation of the 1st Georgian Democratic Republic

Georgia has always been a diverse country, however, 70 years of Soviet occupation has severely affected study and research of Georgia’s multi-ethnic and multi-faith background. Years of comprehensive research in the national archives and libraries has unleashed numerous materials, which safeguard Georgia’s diverse political and civic arenas during early 20th century, pre and during the … Read more

Into a promised land of unknown fate: Aliyah from Georgia (with Hana Fidelman)

Over the centuries, the Georgian Jews prayed for returning to their promised land. People are unaware how vibrant and how unique Aliyah stories have been from Georgia. The respective podcast will dive into three momentums of Georgian Aliyah, which have coincided with the historical events of the glocal politics:  After establishment of the USSR / … Read more

Renew Jew – Rediscovering Jewish Identity in Georgia (with Teona Dalakishvili)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of ethnic/religious Jews gained an opportunity to leave their countries of origin – for a better life in Israel or elsewhere. Some families struggled with proving their Jewish heritage, while many had kept accurate records of their documentation. The Law of Return in Israel made people eligible … Read more