Into a promised land of unknown fate: Aliyah from Georgia (with Hana Fidelman)

Over the centuries, the Georgian Jews prayed for returning to their promised land. People are unaware how vibrant and how unique Aliyah stories have been from Georgia.

The respective podcast will dive into three momentums of Georgian Aliyah, which have coincided with the historical events of the glocal politics: 

  • After establishment of the USSR / 1924;
  • During the USSR and upon opening the first official entry for Soviet Jews to Aliyah / 1971;
  • After the collapse of the USSR / 1991. 

We will dive into the family stories and remember how the Georgian Jews moved from the USSR to the British Mandate of Palestine and the State of Israel. 

Host: Lasha Shakulashvili
Guest: Hana Fidelman (Professor of the Hebrew literature at the Tel Aviv University and daughter of the first emigrés from Tbilisi in 1924)