From Galut to home – Georgian-Jewish History and Culture (Myth, Legends, Archeology)

Galut in the Jewish history refers to a period of deprivation of statehood and of life under foreign rule. The podcast will dive into how the Georgian Jews lived in Galut in Georgia and how the latter became a home for them. 

The podcast will offer a unique prism of understanding how the Georgian Jews survived centuries of integrated life without an assimilation. 

Ms Tsistsuashvili will travel with us to a unique collection kept at Georgian National Museum, which showcases different periods and aspects of Jewish life in Georgia. 

Lasha Shakulashvili will speak about Georgia being part of the Yiddishkayt and Yiddish culture in Georgia. 

Host: Lasha Shakulashvili
Guest: Lela Tsitsuashvili (Head of Temporary Exhibition Department at Georgian National Museum Associate Professor at University of Georgia)