Renew Jew – Rediscovering Jewish Identity in Georgia (with Teona Dalakishvili)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of ethnic/religious Jews gained an opportunity to leave their countries of origin – for a better life in Israel or elsewhere.

Some families struggled with proving their Jewish heritage, while many had kept accurate records of their documentation. The Law of Return in Israel made people eligible to an Israeli passport based on ¼ of their heritage.

Thousands remained in their native cities and towns of Georgia. 

In the 21st century and with emerging Jewish organizations and educational platforms in the world and Georgia – young people have started discovering their Jewish heritage. Many of these youngsters or adults struggle with unresponded questions about their past and heritage; the traditions and stories forgotten.

The podcast will travel through time and unleash journeys of young Georgians, who have discovered Jewish heritage in their adult life and how to deal with it. How to act, how to embrace the news and what are the personal stories to be shared?

Host: Lasha Shakulashvili
Guest: Teona Dalakishvili