UJFA was at Oleshky Specialized Comprehensive School

„The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ has been at Oleshky Specialized Comprehensive School No.2 from February 18 to 29, 2019! Thanks to Nadezhda Kolpachenko and school director, Mr. Sidorenko, there has been a fantastic program with lectures, film screening, a walking tour and student projects! Furthermore, an amazing 12 students have been trained as tour guides for our Ukrainian exhibition!

This is what Nadezhda shared with us after the exhibition event: „Thank you for the opportunity to explore the history of personal stories of people who used to be and are a fixed part of the Ukrainian society before, during and after the Holocaust. Oral history and visual sources are an important historical tool designed to preserve the memory of the past.“

Thanks to all students and teachers involved! Thanks, Oleshky active citizens!