MJFA was on display in Anenii Noi

For two weeks, from February 16 to March 2, our Moldovan exhibition was displayed at IPLT „Mihai Eminescu“ in Anenii Noi. History teacher Zinaida Renchez organized a vast program around „The Moldovan Jewish Family Album“ with screenings of Centropa‘s educational films, workshops for students and lessons on Jewish history and the Holocaust. These are her impressions from working with the exhibition:

„Having ‘The Moldovan Jewish Family Album‘ at our school was a fantastic experience for the whole school community. Students and teachers alike were able to discover a neglected part of their own country’s history, to learn about the rich Jewish culture in Moldova and the great contributions it made to the development of society.“

Thanks to Zinaida and all students and educators at IPLT „Mihai Eminescu“!