Resource Collection on Jewish Life and Culture in the Caucasus

With selected texts and photographs from the Centropa archive for educators from Georgia and Azerbaijan

In cooperation with its project partners from Azerbaijan and Georgia, Centropa has developed a resource collection for educators within the project “Remembering Jewish History in the Caucasus”.

The collection provides Centropa biographical material and historical context to be used in Georgian and Azerbaijani classrooms. It contains a historical introduction into the Jewish history of the Caucasus with a special focus on Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as a text on the history of antisemitism in Europe, the Holocaust and its consequences on the Caucasus region, mainly through evacuation of European Jews to the East. Biographical excerpts from Centropa interviewees who have experienced escape to the Caucasus provide a personal insight into this part of Caucasus history.

The photo shows Galina Natarevich’s grandfather, Iosif Lazarevich Raitsykh, in the role of the groom in the silent film ‘In the Name of God’, which was filmed in Baku 1926.

You can download the Resource collection in English, in Georgian and in Azeri.