Youth Competition 2018/19

The youth competition for students from Ukraine and Moldova was the chance for young active citizens from Moldovan and Ukrainian schools to create a project in one of the three categories:

  • Movies
  • Graphic stories
  • Project realisation of individual choice

on the topic of Jewish history/ Jewish heritage of their town or region.

The Trans.History team received more than 20 inspiring projects by young active citizens from Ukraine and Moldova.

The two winning projects were presented during Centropa’s Trans.History seminar in Odessa on April 14, 2019.

The Winners

Two 1st places:

„The Testament of the Righteous of the World“

Script: Alina Bedenko, Anna Stetsiuk
Illustrations: Alina Bedenko, Julia Beziazychna
Video editing: Alina Bedenko
Photos: Daria Yurchuk
Teacher: Valentyna Voronetska
School: Humanitarian Gymnasium No.1 „M.I. Pyrohova“, Vinnytsia, Ukraine


„The Places to Remember – The People to Never Forget“

Students: Melissa Deli, Cristina Cazacu, David Leu
Teacher: Svetlana Kostetskaia
School: Liceul Teoretic “Teatral”, Chisinau, Moldova

Each winner of a 1st price received a 200 Euro voucher for video or computer equipment.

Two 2nd places:

„Yakiv Honigsman: Unknown Heritage“

Students: Yuriy Gonsor, Anastasiia Kityk
Teacher: Oksana Sakhno
School: Lyceum „Oriyana“, Lviv, Ukraine


„Rosa Rosenstein – The woman who lived history“

Artist: Cristina Martiniuc
Video montage: Dogukan Gangan, Cristina Martiniuc
Teacher: Marina Anghel
School: Liceul Teoretic „Vasile Alecsandri“, Ungheni, Moldova

Each winner of a 2nd price received a 100 Euro voucher for video or computer equipment.

Three 3rd places:

„Nathan Isaakovych Shyrman: The story of a doctor and teacher”

Students: Anastasiia Korzh, Svitlana Borzova
Teacher: Tetyana Dubok
School: Secondary school „T.G. Shevchenko“, Znamianka, Ukraine


„Righteous people of the world in the Poltava region“

Students: Volodymyr Klimov
Teacher: Olena Moskalenko
School: Poltava Polytechnic College, Ukraine


„Interactive Cultural and Tourist Map of Khmelnytskyi“

Site developer: Volodimir Avsievich
Photographers: Anastasia Paturnyak, Victoria Smolyar
Translators: Victoria Lisova, Valeria Buniak
Researchers: Yulia Sys, Ivan Gonchar, Dmitro Koval, Inna Stetsyuk, Maxim Fertyuk
Teacher: Oksana Stepanova
School: Poltava Polytechnic College, Ukraine

Each winner of a 3rd price received a 50 Euro voucher for video or computer equipment.