UJFA went to Zaporizhia

Thanks to our wonderful veteran educator, Тetyana Irioglu, „The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ has been at Collegium „Elint“ in Zaporizhia from March 5-14, 2019. She organized a great public event with an introduction to Centropa‘s educational program and the exhibition, welcome remarks by regional and city representatives and workshops on Jewish history and culture and the multiculturalism as the basis of a modern society. Besides, 12 of Tetyana‘s students acted as guides for other students and guests.

We once again like to share with you Tetyana‘s presentation of our Ukrainian exhibition on local TV station Suspilne Zaporizhia and two live feeds from Оksana Gusak and the Scientific-Methodical Center in Zaporizhia at the public exhibition presentation.

Press Release Odessa seminar

International conference:
„Civil Society, digital storytelling and 20th Century Jewish History in Ukraine

Where: Odessa, Ukraine

When: April 12-14, 2019

Who: Centropa, a Jewish history institute with offices in Vienna, Budapest, Washington D.C. and Hamburg, and the Ukrainian NGO ”Logos znannya” (LOGOS) bring together 50 education experts, classroom teachers and civil society activists from Ukraine, Moldova and Germany.

What: During this three-day international seminar, we will turn Odessa into a 3-D classroom. Participants share best practices on commemorating Jewish history and culture, explore the history of Odessa through walking tours and films, and attend workshops that promote active citizenship.

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Entry deadline for Youth Competition has ended!

A huge THANK YOU to all students and educators out there who participated in our Trans.History Youth Competition 2019! We received a lot of fascinating and creative projects, and a lot more than last year!

Our expert jury will now put their heads together and review and discuss all entries with great curiosity, excitement and diligence! We will announce the winners of the Youth competition on our Facebook page and our webpage soon!

So stay tuned!

„The Moldovan Jewish Family Album“ was in Orhei

From March 4-8, 2019 our exhibition „The Moldovan Jewish Family Album“ was with history teacher Nicu Singereanu at IPLT Onisifor Ghibu in Orhei. The exhibition was presented within the regional conference „Holocaust – moment de rememorare a istoriei“ which was attended by 50 students, the vice-president of the Orhei rayon, Rabbi Ilie, the head of the Orhei Jewish community, Izeaslav Mundrean, our Moldovan coordinator, Irina Shikhova, and the director of the state archive, Ion Varta. During the event Centropa‘s short film about Ivan Barbul“ was screened and a group of students presented the results of a study conducted in

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Participants for Odessa seminar have been selected

It took us a while longer as expected but – together with our Ukrainian partner Logos we finally decided on participants for our Trans.History seminar in Odessa from April 12-14, 2019. Thanks to all of you who applied. We received a ton of intriguing applications but we finally had to come to a decision.

All selected participants have already been notified by mail, and will be informed about all relevant details soon. We are looking forward to meeting you in Odessa soon!

We want to encourage all of the applicants we couldn‘t consider this time to stay tuned on our webpage and on Facebook.

We are very much looking forward to all your applications for our future events!

Exhibition presentation at LT „Vasile Lupu“ in Susleni

We just received this photo from Natalia Balan, history teacher at LT „Vasile Lupu“ in Susleni where our travelling exhibition „The Moldova Jewish Family Album“ has been displayed from March 11-17. We are very pleased that Natalia established contact with Izeaslav Mundrean, head of the Jewish community in Orhei, whom she met first during our Trans.History seminar in November 2018. She made an excursion with her students to Orhei – and developed a nice project and presentation afterwards – and even invited Izeaslav Mundrean to address all guests, students and educators present at the exhibition opening at LT „Vasile Lupu“. We hope that this exchange and cooperation will further grow!

MJFA was on display in Anenii Noi

For two weeks, from February 16 to March 2, our Moldovan exhibition was displayed at IPLT „Mihai Eminescu“ in Anenii Noi. History teacher Zinaida Renchez organized a vast program around „The Moldovan Jewish Family Album“ with screenings of Centropa‘s educational films, workshops for students and lessons on Jewish history and the Holocaust. These are her impressions from working with the exhibition:

„Having ‘The Moldovan Jewish Family Album‘ at our school was a fantastic experience for the whole school community. Students and teachers alike were able to discover a neglected part of their own country’s history, to learn about the rich Jewish culture in Moldova and the great contributions it made to the development of society.“

Thanks to Zinaida and all students and educators at IPLT „Mihai Eminescu“!

UJFA was at Oleshky Specialized Comprehensive School

„The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ has been at Oleshky Specialized Comprehensive School No.2 from February 18 to 29, 2019! Thanks to Nadezhda Kolpachenko and school director, Mr. Sidorenko, there has been a fantastic program with lectures, film screening, a walking tour and student projects! Furthermore, an amazing 12 students have been trained as tour guides for our Ukrainian exhibition!

This is what Nadezhda shared with us after the exhibition event: „Thank you for the opportunity to explore the history of personal stories of people who used to be and are a fixed part of the Ukrainian society before, during and after the Holocaust. Oral history and visual sources are an important historical tool designed to preserve the memory of the past.“

Thanks to all students and teachers involved! Thanks, Oleshky active citizens!

Veteran educator Tetyana Irioglu presents UJFA on local TV

Our veteran educator, Tetyana Irioglu, presented Centropa‘s exhibition „The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ on a local television broadcast.

Thanks so much, Tetyana! It‘s ambassadors like you that make the Trans.History project successful and sustainable!

Our Ukrainian exhibition is still on display at Collegium “Elint” in Zaporizhia until March 15!

Watch the TV report with Tetyana here!

Winners of lesson plan competition chosen!

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in our Lesson Plan Competition for Moldova and Ukraine!

All your submissions were well-grounded, intriguing and each one had an individual signature. We are extremely thankful for your contributions and are working on making them available on our Trans.History project webpage as soon as possible.

It took a little longer than announced and it was a lot tougher than expected to select a winner. And honestly, each single one of your 

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