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International Center of Training and Professional Development | Chisinau

International Center of Training and Professional Development is a grassroot non-governmental organization registered in Moldova in 2003. ICTPD has a useful activity certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice. Center of training works in the field of education and realizes programs and projects in four strategic directions:

  • To provide vulnerable unemployed population with vocational knowledge and skills as well as basics of business planning and start-up management
  • To support commercial and non-commercial organizations in their sustainable development by providing them with experience exchange opportunities and professional consultancy.
  • To contribute to the development of civil society of the Republic of Moldova by offering opportunities for civil education and professional orientation to young people.
  • To provide specialists in education with methodological support and contribute to their professional development and experience exchange.


NGO EcoVisio | Riscova & Chisinau

EcoVisio is a youth led grassroots NGO envisioning Moldova and its neighbours as a model region of empowered society, healthy environment and vigorous, fair economy. Their work is dedicated to gradual realization of the full potential of Moldova and its neighborhood as a model region for sustainable development. For this purpose EcoVisio runs educational and empowerment programs for individuals, creates and advocates for viable examples of ecological and social innovations and boosts cooperation between changemakers through networks’ development.

With its “activePeace” program, launched in 2016, EcoVisio aims to develop the capacities of young people in such areas as critical thinking, peace education, diversity, conflict resolution/ transformation, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and civic activism combining new trends in peace education with methods of non-formal education and human-centered design approach, focusing on the needs of each particular community, group or individual. Thus, the „activePeace“program empowers young people to elaborate and implement their own methods and approaches to work with conflicts and to provide “activePeace” in their communities and groups. Besides, the program aims to create an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and cooperation for the citizens from different cultural backgrounds, languages, nationalities and thus contribute to the establishment of sustainable peace.



Logos NGO | Kyiv

The non-governmental organization ”Logos znannya” (Logos) was created in 2013. Its members are active young Ukrainians between the age of 18 to 35 years. The Logos team wants to bring some positive change to local and international society. The main areas of work are: human rights education and promotion, soft skills development, minorities and migrants, critical thinking formation, and many more.



NGO Mnemonics | Rivne

MISSION: The memory of all people: we revive, preserve, popularize.

The main goal of Centre’s activity is scientific studies of memory politics and public history, research, development and implementation assistance of the optimum democratic models into the sphere of memory politics in Ukraine.

The centre deals with memorializing, organization of educational and nostalgic touristic trips (in Ukraine and abroad), preparation of analytical and educational materials (textbooks, manuals, readers, brochures, articles, collections of documents, photo-, video- and audio materials, museum expositions etc.), state resolution projects in the sphere of memory politics.

The organization facilitates:

  • Introduction for the people of Ukraine and adoption of the best examples of the European memory cultural model
  • Teaching methods of memory reviving, fixation and preservation.
  • Social consolidation and resolution of conflicts, which are based on the contradictory memories of different social groups  basing

Education and upbringing:

The organization tries integrating into the curriculum of History department studies on non-dominant social groups (ethnic, religious, and other minorities), and gender studies. The organization facilitates the involvement of these groups’ representatives in determination of memory policy vectors by local authorities.


Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies | Kyiv

The Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS) was established in 2002. It is a non-governmental organization founded in partnership with I. Kuras Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The main directions of the UCHS’s activities comprise Holocaust research and Holocaust education.

The UCHS holds scholarly conferences and seminars on issues such as: reflection of the Holocaust in the mass-media of Nazi-occupied Ukraine; Nazi ideology and the mechanisms of its implementation, anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, comparative research of the Holocaust;

In the framework of educational activities the UCHS consults Holocaust history teachers of secondary schools and higher educational establishments, promotes the creation of curricula and manuals on the Holocaust, organises annual competitions of students’ research and art works.

Prof. Anatoli Podolski, director of UCHS, accompanied and advised the Trans.History project from the start, and is the historian in residence during our seminars.


Previous Partners

Society Initiatives Institute | Lviv, Ukraine

Society Initiatives Institute is a team of committed young professionals whose activities are aimed at development of civil society. For this purpose, the organization implements projects in the field of community development, creates opportunities for youth, and conducts special trainings and courses for public institutions and businesses. Society Initiatives Institute cooperates with state organizations and institutions, with businesses and citizens in order to develop civil society in Ukraine. The organization has 4 regional offices (with headquarters in Lviv) and more than 400 volunteers.