Guidelines for student Social Media series projects

Students of Georgian and Azerbaijani schools are invited to create a series of social media posts for the social media platform of your choice. The winning series will be featured on Centropa’s social media platforms @centropa_trans.history (Instagram) or (Facebook). TikTok submissions or Instagram Reels are also welcome!

We welcome your entry of the following topics:

  • „(Hidden) Jewish heritage of my region“
  • Biographies of Jewish persons from the Centropa database
  • “Jewish holidays and customs”

What should your posts look like?

  • Submissions should be 12 posts under a broader topic.
  • Please include both (moving) image and text for each post.
  • Still-image posts should include up to 5 photos maximum, and videos should not be longer than 30 seconds each.
  • Remember to include hashtags to increase your posts’ reach and relevance!

The accompanying text can be in your mother tongue. However, it should always be followed by an English translation (e.g., text in post or subtitles in the video). Moreover the posts should include the names of the students involved, as well as the line “Created as part of the Centropa Trans.History Youth Competition 2022/23. If you use a photo source from elsewhere, please remember to include the source (for more information on how and where to get your material, please see below).

How to submit your social media series:

  • If you are submitting video: please send us your files via weTransfer or an equivalent platform.
  • If you are submitting image and text: please send us your posts as a Word document and photos, clearly marking which photos belong to which posts!
  • Please submit your project here.

When submitting your project, please also include the following information in addition to your posts:

  • The names of all authors involved in creating the posts
  • A time schedule for your posts, if applicable. For example, if you create a series about Jewish holidays, it may make sense to link your posts to a specific date
  • A title for your project/social media series and a short description.


  • If you are creating a social media series, it would be advised to have a first “introductory” post that tells the viewer what she/he/they are looking at.
  • Consider submitting your text to an English teacher for a grammar/language check. You can also submit your text to a history teacher for fact-checking, to be sure.
  • Be sensitive with regards to the topics you are creating content about. Make sure you use courteous and correct language which is not offensive, and show the appropriate respect due to memorial sites. If you are unsure about your entry submissions, don’t be afraid to ask an adult, a teacher or us at Centropa ( to check over them for you. For more information, the following websites give some useful tips about creating content about Jewish history and the Holocaust:

Suggestions on where to find inspiration and material for your entries:

  • Jewish biographies and photos can be found in the Centropa database. You can search for names, photos, or by country.
  • For more on Jewish history, customs and holidays, you can take a look at the or
  • National and city libraries, archives, and Jewish museums have photos of Jewish history and places. A Google search of your “town name” + “Jewish” will probably give you a great start.
  • We also encourage you to explore your local Jewish history and heritage, and take your own photos and videos!
  • If you need help or have any questions, reach out to us at Centropa ( or contact our partner Gulnara Ismayilova ( in Azerbaijan and Teona Dalakashvili ( in Georgia.

Things to remember:

  • Do not use re-enactment.
  • Do not copy someone else’s work.
  • Do not use sources and state facts which are dubious and unreliable. If you are not sure about the source’s credibility, send us an email. 
  • Please make sure you are not stealing photos from someone. This can lead to lawsuits. If you are not sure if you can use the pictures, send us an email.
  • Do not show graphic pictures of violence or photos of murdered people.
  • Remember to treat people’s stories with respect!