Anatoliy Shor

(Wywiady dostępne są w językach angielskim i ukraińskim. Prosimy o wyrozumiałość.)

Bershad, Ukraine
Interview conducted in 2004 by Zhanna Litinskaya

Born and raised in Bershad, Mr. Shor gives us good insight into his hometown, where he still lives. In the 19th and 20th century the population was mainly Jewish, and, according to the interviewee, “Jews and Ukrainians respected each other’s traditions and religion.” The town boasted 14 synagogues, only one of which remains. Growing up in a religious family, Mr. Shor keeps vivid memories of the celebration of Sabbath, Pesach and other Jewish holidays. In 1937 he went to study at Medical College in Tulchin, and a few days after the Great Patriotic War began, he was sent to the front as commanding officer of a sanitary platoon. During the defense of Mariupol, he got in encirclement, was wounded, but managed to escape, while his division perished. He joined his family, who stayed on occupied territory, but feeling guilty about his involuntary desertion he joined the army again in March 1944, served as sergeant of medical service at the Southwestern Front and took part in liberating Ukraine and Moldova. Wounded toward the end of the war, he celebrated Victory Day in hospital, demobilized shortly after and returned to Bershad to pursue his career as a doctor. 15 photos illustrate his life story.

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