Frida Muchnik

(Wywiady dostępne są w językach angielskim i ukraińskim. Prosimy o wyrozumiałość.)

Bershad, Ukraine
Interview conducted in May 2004 by Zhanna Litinskaya

Mrs. Muchnik’s family came from Bershad, a Jewish town with a minor Ukrainian population, where she still lives today. She recalls how during the period of forced famine, “a horse-drawn wagon full of dead bodies rode along the streets” and that the family survived only thanks to her mother’s energy and hard work. When the Germans started to bomb Bershad in July 1941, they wanted to evacuate, but the roads were already blocked. It is difficult for the interviewee to recall the period of occupation, when they stayed in the ghetto and her mother made every effort to hide her or bribe policemen in order to save her from abuse. In the meantime, her two brothers were recruited at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and they never saw them again. After the liberation of Bershad in March 1944, she finished school, went to work to support her parents and had no opportunity to found her own family. Her touching story comes with 15 photos.

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