Israel Gliazer

(Wywiady dostępne są w językach angielskim i ukraińskim. Prosimy o wyrozumiałość.)

Ternopol, Ukraine
Interview conducted in 2003 by Zhanna Litinskaya

Born and growing up in Pogdaytsy, a picturesque town in the Carpathian foothills, Mr. Gliazer gives us great insight into social, business and religious life in his home town, which had a Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian population. This town belonged to Austria-Hungary before World War I, later to Poland, in 1939 it became a part of the USSR and at present it is part of Ukraine. His maternal grandfather was a very religious Hasid, Jewish traditions and holidays were strictly observed in the family. The interviewee and his brothers went to cheder, spoke Yiddish at home and studied Polish and Ukrainian at school.

In early 1940, Mr. Gliazer was recruited to the Soviet army and studied in a communications school in the Far East, where he learned both Russian and technical subjects. After the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War and until late 1942 he trained radio operators. Following that, he was chief of the radio station in an aerodrome in the rear of the 4th Ukrainian front. After the war, he became a production engineer and, later, director of a printing house. 12 pictures complement his moving recollections.

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